I work with organizations, their leaders, and their teams because I agree with Jack Welch. “When the rate of change outside an organization is faster than the rate of change inside the organization, the organization is doomed!”

Rather than fearing, resisting, and sabotaging your change efforts, today’s reality requires facing, embracing, and engaging change at all levels of the organization—with understanding and enthusiasm. My programs and resources are filled with practical tools designed to do just that.

If you’re dealing with morale on a downslope, competition on an uptick, innovation at a standstill, or mandates as an increasing burden, then I’d like to work with you.

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The video below gives you a chance to experience my presenting style, connection with an audience, and passion for encouraging participants to take action. After you've seen it, call or email us so we might discover a way to work together. It would be my great pleasure to learn about you, your team, and your organization.


Do you ever feel as though the spirit of your organization has taken a hit lately?

My experience tells me that employee dis-engagement and lowering morale are early warning signs of trouble for organizations dealing with significant change.


What’s your biggest competitive threat – competition for talent, customers, or new, profitable business opportunities?

My research shows that it doesn’t matter what you’re competing for, winning any competition requires agility during change.


Would you rank innovation high or low in your organization?

My experience tells me high levels of innovation force more change in an organization while low levels of innovation result from significant resistance to change.


Do you ever feel as though government, insurance, and everyone else’s mandates are hitting your organization at such a fast and furious pace that none of you, leaders or employees, have time to catch your breath, let alone feel good about coming to work?

My research indicates, especially in the Healthcare fields, that an organization’s ability to cope with rapid change successfully is key to their future.

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