Articles by Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP

Articles About Creativity

26 Weeks to Higher Creativity
Would you like to be more creative? Try these simple weekly activities and
watch your creative ability flourish.

Consider Creativity
Think you're not very creative? This article will help you identify the fears that might be blocking your creative ability.

Articles About Leadership

Get Your Teams Started Right
Do you think teams just happen? This article will challenge that thinking and offer you some questions to consider.

Leading a Service Team
Who worries about your customers? This article might convince you that it better be you!

What's a Leader to Do?
Leadership in the best of times is a challenge, during a crisis it's even tougher. This article will help you lead during a difficult time.

Articles About Learning

A Guide to Workplace Reading Groups
Want to get smarter, faster? This article will help you start and run a Workplace Reading Group.

Tending to Your Expertise
Do you call yourself an expert? This article reminds you that if you're not working on your expertise, you're losing your expertise!

Articles About Meetings

The Cellphone's Ringing
Do cellphones in meetings drive you crazy? This article might just make your next meeting a cellphone-free event.

I Know I Packed the Wrong Thing
Planning a business casual meeting? Your attendees will appreciate this article as a guide to packing for a business casual meeting.

Articles About Motivation

Business As Usual?
Maybe there's a question you need to ask your self. This article will challenge you to find a new answer.

Articles About Speaking & Training

BrainWriting: Another Way to Generate Ideas
Wondering what else you can do beside another brainstorming session? Learning the technique of brainwriting will add a valuable new tool to your facilitator's toolkit.

Eleven Quick Ways to Put Humor in Your Training
Wish your training sessions were a little more enjoyable? This article will help you find easy ways to introduce fun into your sessions.

An Instant Trainer Quiz
Want to evaluate yourself as a trainer? This quiz will help you focus your efforts as you improve your training skills.

Not Quite Random Thoughts about Storytelling
Want to improve your storytelling skills? This article will help you gather, remember, and tell compelling stories.

Articles About Teams

Acting Like a Team
What makes a team player? This article will help you identify characteristics of real team players.

Articles About Writing

Books about Writing
Chris is a student of good writing. She loves to study writers and their writing habits. This booklist of over 125 selections brings you a glimpse of Chris' writing library. You'll find a book of interest, guaranteed. Just remember - reading about writing isn't writing. Only writing is writing!

Finding Your Voice Writing Assignment
What makes some writing more compelling than other writing? Usually it is the author's voice. This article give you a writing assignment that will help you find your unique writing voice.

Perfect! Hints for an Error-Free Manuscript
Have trouble proofing what you've written? This article will help you focus your editing efforts on errors common to many writers.

Relief! Cures for a Lonely Writer
What's stopping you from writing? This article may just give you an insight and an action idea to get you started.

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