Welcome to the 2013 catalog of Change101 programs. When you hire Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP to work with your group, you’re guaranteed that she will do her homework to get to know you and the people who will attend your meeting. Her program will be customized to hit your participants right where they’re sitting, her visuals will be designed just for your session, and her delivery will be filled with energy, participation, and fun!

But I Don't Want To
Shedding Light on Personal Change
Did you ever wonder why some changes in your life were easy, exciting, and fun while others felt hard, scary, and impossible? Download more information about this program on Personal Change.

Easier Said Than Done
Enlightened Change for Smart Business
No matter what your industry, the future guarantees more, not less change. Download more information about this program on Business Change.

Leading People in a Warp Speed World
Focused Leadership During Change
Most people believe that change is easy for a leader. You're a leader - how in charge of things do you feel these days? Download more information about this program on Leadership.

The Beat Goes On
Creating High Performance Teams with Perfect Pitch
Are your teams singing off the same song sheet? Download more information about this program on Teamwork.

Silence Isn't Golden
Illuminating the Power of Feedback
Did you ever take a class called Feedback 101? Download more information about this program on Feedback.

Haven't Got Time for the Pain?
Spotlighting Solutions for Conflict
Conflict, whether you like it or not, is an inevitable part of life for people, teams, and organizations? Download more information about this program on Conflict.

So, Who Motivates the Motivator
Living a Fully Charged Life
Are you the motivator? Who helps you get motivated? Download more information about this program about Self-Motivation.

Lightbulb Learning
Staying Smart in the 21st Century
What makes a person or an organization smart in today's highly competitive world? Download more information about this program about Life-Long Learning.

Customized Programs
Please e-mail Stel if you have questions about how a Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP SPEAKING! program can meet the needs of your company or your organization.
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Effective facilitators must have an understanding of group dynamics that alerts them to the underlying currents that often make or break the success of a team. Chris Clarke-Epstein has proven her ability to work insightfully with diverse groups including senior management teams, front line customer service representatives, and blue collar factory workers. Her success is based on over 25 years of hands-on experience and hundreds of hours of research centered on advising groups as they become cohesive teams.
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Organizations hire consultants to help them see their systems clearly, identify their strengths objectively, and recognize their blind spots quickly. Consultants must be able to go beyond theory to advice based on experience gained in the real world. Chris Clarke-Epstein brings both state-of-the-art organizational development theory and practical experiences as she helps her clients evaluate their current position, envision the future they want and develop an action plan designed to make change happen.
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